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Becoming a mother is a wonderful thing. Some call it a blessing while other emphasize on the huge responsibilities it implies. One of the most important actions that new mothers have to undergo is feeding the little one. This is where some of the best breast pumps can help out. With this type of baby care product, mothers can obtain milk easier from their breasts..After packing in over 45 hours of professional research and quality testing on the best models available on the market, we determined that some deserve to be yours. We prioritized products released by well-known brands, trusted by mother communities in the US.

Here is a table with the most appreciated breast pumps:

Product Dimensions
Our rating
Best Price on:
Medela Advanced Personal Double Breastpump Best breast pump 201414.2 x 7.2 x 11.5 inches$$$A+bnair
Medela Freestyle Breast PumpMedela Freestyle Breast Pump14.6 x 12.7 x 8.3 inches$$$$Bbnair
Medela Pump in Style Advanced Backpack Medela Pump in Style Advanced Backpack6.5 x 15.5 x 11.2 inches$$$A+bnair
Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump1 x 1 x 1 inches$$$B+bnair
Medela Swing Breastpump Medela Swing Breastpump5 x 11 x 9.5 inches$$Abnair
TommeeTippee Double Electric Breast Pump TommeeTippee Double Electric Breast Pump15.1 x 9.4 x 8.2 inches$$Bbnair

Medela Advanced Personal Double Breastpump 


Best breast pump 2014Purchasing a brand new breast pump should be a decision taken on a whim. You need to use a high quality breast pump that won’t affect the breast tissues or nipple. Mothers put a lot of emphasis on smooth milk extraction and breast protection. What is the best breast pump 2014? Well, most of the present parental surveys point to Medela Advanced Personal double breast pump as a reliable choice to make. This high quality model can be used daily and features a bag style to carry it with wherever you may go. It was designed with adjustable speed and vacuum which permits to find the most comfortable setting. The pump gives you better control over the feeding process without damaging in any way the breast tissues. This model comes with a removable PVC-free cooler bag and ice pack which manages to maintain milk cool. Furthermore the breast pump includes a battery pack that allows you to pump anywhere.

“The acquisition of this breast pump form Medela has proven to be the best choice I could have made. When it extracts milk I feel very comfortable and I don’t feel the slightest pain. My pleasant experience with it makes me believe this model is the best breast pump 2014.” – Jessica Oliver



Medela Pump in Style Advanced Backpack 


Medela Pump in Style Advanced BackpackIt is very important to have by your side a reliable breast pump, designed to vacuum milk without irritating surrounding skin tissues. Picking a model out of the current best breast pumps represents a firm step feeding your child with ease. Now, you have the possibility to choose to choose a great breast pump, designed by Medela: Pump in Style Advanced backpack. This model offers you access to all that you need in order to feed the little one without problems anywhere, anytime. The pump uses 2-Phase Expression technology which stimulates the standard babies nursing pattern in order to keep the whole process comfortable. This backpack gives you access to everything you need. It features AC adapter for better functionality whenever you need. In addition, this pump from Medela allows you to opt for Stimulation Mode or Expression Mode, which maintain the whole milk extraction process comfortable and pain free.

“A lot of different reviews pointed me in this direction and now, 4 months after purchasing it, I am glad I followed their advice. The backpack allows me to take it with me everywhere and I have no problem in feeding my little one in any location. Medela have created a great breast pump which I appreciate.” – Veronica Williams



Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump 


Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast PumpIn 2014 more and more mothers are searching for the best breast pump in order to feed better their children. It can be pretty difficult for some mothers to feed their children directly, through the traditional nursing technique. This is where high quality pumps can deliver assistance without disrupting in any way the breast most sensitive area. Now, the trick is to find a reliable product which won’t let you down. Today, you have the possibility to choose without reservations Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast pump. Why should you opt for this pump? Well, it will help you save time and feed the little one with healthy breast milk. It works with precision and without irritating the skin in any way. The pump gives you the possibility to pump simultaneously from your breast with a simple touch of a button. Placed among the best breast pumps, Avent is BPA free.

“With Philips Avent Comfort Breast Pump I don’t feel any discomfort when extracting milk for my little one. I find it very easy to use and to strap on, with excellent results always. I haven’t noticed any skin irritation caused by it and I believe it is one of the best breast pumps 2014.” – Amanda Lawson



Medela Swing Breastpump 


Medela Swing BreastpumpYou need to use a breast pump endorsed by mothers and nursing specialists. To this end, you can opt for one of the best breast pumps  2014, developed by Medela: Swing breast pump. This electric breast pump is small, affordable and with a lightweight design. Easy to use and comfortable as well, the breast pump features exclusive 2-Phase Expression technology which sets the basis for efficient pumping. You can use without problems this pump: clip it to your belt or even hang it over your shoulder. The model includes different accessories like bottle stand and 2 breastmilk bottles for easy nursing and care. Regarded by many as the best breast pump, this model from Medela features 2-Phase Expression technology which safely mimics the baby’s natural nursing actions. The first phase revolves on a light stimulation while the second one is characterized by a slow expression on the breast tissues.

“The best breast pump reviews convinced me that Medela Swing Breastpump was the model I had to get. The natural nursing action is well recreated and I don’t feel any pain because of it. My advice to other mommies is to use it because it has a complete set of features.” – Emily Saunders



Medela Freestyle Breast Pump


Medela Freestyle Breast PumpBecoming a mother comes with many responsibilities regarding the little one’s care. Now, there are many women that just became mothers searching for professional ways to feed their babies with breast milk as an alternative to traditional nursing. Finding the best breast pump can be as easy as pie, if you consult relevant information on the matter. Today’s baby care surveys underline the efficiency of Medela Freestyle breast pump. Rated as one of the very best breast pumps in the US, this model is perfect for active moms that want to keep their children healthy and feed. If you have an active lifestyle then this breast pump is certainly a great addition to your daily feeding rituals. It has small and lightweight design which won’t trouble you at all. You can take with you to work family reunions or walks in the park and not even notice it. The model features the exclusive 2-Phase Expression Technology which maintains the comfort levels high, every time you start to use it.

“I didn’t find any drawbacks after I started using this breast pump from Medela. The system is light and with the help of its bag I take it with me all around, being constantly prepared when my infant in hungry. I don’t feel the slightest discomfort when I am nursing.” – Melissa Johnson



TommeeTippee Double Electric Breast Pump 


TommeeTippee Double Electric Breast PumpAre you on the market for a professional breast pump that takes into account the sensitivity of the area? If your answer is yes, then you might want to learn a couple of things about TommeeTippee Double Electric breast pump. Designed with carefully picked out materials, this double electric breast pump will help you extract milk without worrying about pain. You will obtain in half of time the same amount of milk you get from a single breast pump. This means you will save time, and invest it in other activities. The model maintains from start to finish a comfortable and easy expressing. It mimics with precision the feel or normal baby nursing, thus limiting the appearance of irritations on the nipple area. The breast pump comes with 1 button and 4 settings which you can use in order to adjust the whole process.  The intuitive Closer to Nature design, gives you the possibility to install it safely and without problems.

“While I was nursing my youngest, I was helped by TommeeTippee Electric breast pump which never caused any irritations around my nipples. To set it up was a breeze always and its operation didn’t cause me any trouble.” – Martha Roberts



Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump 


Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast PumpWhen it comes to baby care products, you need use a professional device that won’t harm in any way your breasts. Today there is a growing interest for high quality breast pumps. If you are a mother that wants to use a top of the line breast pump, then choose with confidence Lansinoh Affinity Double electric model. Why should you opt for this particular breast pump? Well, this pump is very easy to use and maintains a gentle expression on your breasts. This breast pump features ComfortFit breast flanges which ensure a secure and soft fit on the breasts. Furthermore the model features Custom Expression technology that is sole responsible with milk flow. Affordable and precise in extracting milk, this breast pump from Lansinoh is considered by many as one of the best in breastfeeding. It also includes an intuitive LCD screen which helps you manage better every phase of the breast expression process.

“Breastfeeding is easy with Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric breast pump, which I recommend for other mommies in need of one. The whole nursing process has never given me any problems and has never caused me pain. Overall I think it is an excellent device for nursing.”  ­- Rachel Nelson



Best breast pump 2014

A buying guide


Becoming a mother for the first time represents a magic moment. Giving birth to a little baby boy or girl is a joy worth sharing with friends and family. Yet, experienced mothers know just how important some products are during those early years of the little ones lives. According to recent statistics it seems that breast pumps assist young mothers in feeding their babies. With the best breast pump 2014 in your possession, you will be able to extract milk easier and offer it to the child. Still, when it comes to breastfeeding products only with attention and professional information you will be able to distinguish the best models from the ones that waste your time and money.

Medela Advanced Personal Double Breastpump

Now, there are some things to take into account while browsing for a brand new manual breast pump, starting with nipple pain and low milk supply. If you are an active mother, with a busy schedule, you can use breast pumps in order to leave milk for the little one. A good breast pump can help you gather milk and leave it for the baby to drink. If you leave the child with the sitter she will have nutritious milk to feed him or her. When the child reaches 3 or 4 weeks old, you can start pumping for healthy milk. Searching for the best breast pumps 2014 can take some time, given that there are so many products available on the market. You will notice that some babies are hesitant of eating from bottles.

In order to give your baby an incentive to eat from bottles, you have to offer milk with an ounce or two from day to day. Now, you will see that there are many electric breast pumps available on the market. You will see that there are different styles of breast pumps but they usually place into 2 categories: manual and electric battery-powered. Each of the two breast pump categories provides different assistance and breastfeeding particularities, worth considering.

Moms that experience problems while breastfeeding, should use electric breast pumps. If you suffer from poor milk supply during the first weeks you need to use a professional pump. Such devices can help you control better the amount of milk produced and offers to the little ones. For moms that pump twice a day, electric personal-use breast pumps represent the best way to go. Such portable devices are fully automatic, with precise cycling times and personalized suction levels. With more control over the breastfeeding process you will be able to reduce nipple discomfort. Advanced pumps can mimic the baby’s sucking habits for gentle sucking performance. You should find products with letdown response technology which delivers a gradual sucking precision. This particularity ensures that the overall sucking process is comfortable.

There are also moms that pump only once a day. If you are among them you could opt for mid-range electric pumps. Such products are easy to handle and manage. Busy moms that usually leave their babies with sitters could opt with confidence for such simpler models. There are also mid-range electric pumps that give you the possibility to pump only one breast at a time. With attention you will be able to determine which product could improve your motherly skills. You need complete control over the breastfeeding process and a professional product can certainly help you out a lot.